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COVID-19 Rapid Testing


COVID-19 Rapid Testing/In-Office Test Kits

Sold in Lab Packs of 25 cassettes w/ individual pipettes,  1 bottle of Buffer Solution.

These tests are FDA regulated and can only be performed by a licensed healthcare professional ie: DDS, DMD, MD, RN, Urgent Care, ER, Hospital, BOTOX provider, Phlebotomist, CLIA Regulated Lab

  • This test “determines if the patient does not have COVID-19, Previously had COVID-19, Currently has COVID-19, and if there are antibodies present
  • If positive, the patient will need to immediately require venous blood draw test done by their PCP, Urgent Care or Lab
  • This test is NOT and “At Home” test; Requires licensed provider to perform and process the results
  • This is a finger-poke or venous blood draw which would be done at a clinic, lab, or medical facility;  Any licensed healthcare provider is able to perform the injection and test
  • Office must undergo a consultation to ensure correct testing processes for optimum results
  • RAPID Test results in just 2-10 minutes
  • If you require lab processing to maintain government-regulated guidelines on reporting an accurate number of cases, contact our office at to set up an account; PLEASE NOTE: This service is an additional $250.00 per box of 25 tests and will be charged at the time of purchase


What does it mean if I test positive?

  • Positive test results will determine if you might have antibodies from a COVID-19.
  • When you have antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 this may indicate that you currently have COVID-19 or that you had it in the past. If you had COVID-19 in the past, it may help provide protection from being re-infected. Please understand that it is not known how much protection the antibodies may provide or how long this protection will last.
  • If you test positive, it is recommended that you immediately see your primary care physician; your doctor may recommend that you take a second type of antibody test to confirm the results of the first test.
  • You should continue to protect yourself and others even if you do not currently have the virus and believe that you had it in the past and recovered – since you could get infected with the virus again or be a carrier and infect others.
  • If you have never had symptoms of COVID-19 and test positive, it is possible that you had an infection and showed no symptoms; this is called an asymptomatic infection.

If you test negative

  • You likely have not had COVID-19 in the past and currently do not have it. If you are still concerned and believe that you still may have COVID-19, we recommend that you see your doctor and discuss the results.
  • PLEASE NOTE: it is possible you could still have a current infection:
    • It typically takes up to 3 weeks post-infection for your body to make antibodies. This test will not identify antibodies that have not formed yet and will produce a negative result. You may get sick in the coming weeks if you have been very recently exposed to the virus.
    • There have been reported instances that some infected people do not ever develop antibodies. While this is not common, it does occur.

Whether you do test positive or negative, please continue to take steps to protect yourself and others.